Posted in August 2012


Light and dark – in play, in binary opposition, in shadowy pursuit of each other, sometimes one absorbing the other or sometimes highlighting …. where almost any story about the origins of our world (or good and evil) will emerge from; what the most visionary songs will riff on; what the most haunting photographs and … Continue reading


It was as if twilight had deepened the richness of burgundy. A deep purple yielding more red than the flare when you strike a match, more autumn-aflame than the golden in the burn of embers, more electric than Monroe’s red that Warhol imagined, more sensuous than the flashes in the cheongsam that shaded In the Mood for … Continue reading

Kindle, Ikea & Companion Planting

That battle came to us. The one no one has the wisdom/ foresight to walk away from, or the grace to lose – actually, will/volition doesn’t even come into it, for it’s such an instinctive territoriality. Space – that limited, borderless, indefinable and essential luxury. But not just any space – it wouldn’t be so … Continue reading

Finding Kerouac on the Grand Trunk Road…

‘Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry…’ among the many things he said, showing us the way(s) to be. And where he’s most alive, our Jack, is the highway Sher Shah Suri laid down in the sixteenth century, 2,500 continuous kilometres connecting Chittagong to Kabul, on which you’ll still find truckers for whom the road is life. We … Continue reading