Posted in January 2014

stirrings in the air*

*(and the random thoughts in their wake) This month, the wind’s been deliciously up-skirt and nippy, all a-shake a-shiver, teasing my mutt along interesting scent-trails (… sweeping me along them). Not that I’m complaining, for they have been flower-strewn walks: paths speckled with purple kachnar, faintly blushing frangipani and the rain-trees’ fairy flowers (and I’ve seized … Continue reading


* (A Tropical Misadventure – and why I haven’t been my social self) Those dastardly, two-footed, cretinous snakes (they do feed me though, so I’ll keep this child-friendly)! They’ve gone and stabbed me in the back – or, to be more precise, snipped me in the scrotum. I can’t believe they’d do this to me, … Continue reading