raw mango

If the experience of summer can be distilled to its essence, I think it’ll come down to a raw mango, to its tangy tartness with the 3-D pop, having you pucker up like only a first kiss can. Transgress, I think, has something to do with it. Unlike the orchard’s litchis unpeeled and piled high … Continue reading


(*note to self: watch out for the cheels) Digging up the colourful alphabet rug my two-legged’s been toddling on, my ears pricked up to showdog standards to see how a crossroads… rather crossbones of a letter marked the spot: X. This alphabet that appears approachable from all sides and opens out to so many possibilities and … Continue reading

the twinkling of an eye

I couldn’t but whack this from the neighborhood bar that obliged a gal and her mutt one thirsty, sultry evening while we waited to fetch the boy for our pack-walk back home. As my dirty martini rested on this coaster, it came to me how wonderful an epitaph it is for Khushwant Singh who passed away on March 20. He’d just … Continue reading

stirrings in the air*

*(and the random thoughts in their wake) This month, the wind’s been deliciously up-skirt and nippy, all a-shake a-shiver, teasing my mutt along interesting scent-trails (… sweeping me along them). Not that I’m complaining, for they have been flower-strewn walks: paths speckled with purple kachnar, faintly blushing frangipani and the rain-trees’ fairy flowers (and I’ve seized … Continue reading


* (A Tropical Misadventure – and why I haven’t been my social self) Those dastardly, two-footed, cretinous snakes (they do feed me though, so I’ll keep this child-friendly)! They’ve gone and stabbed me in the back – or, to be more precise, snipped me in the scrotum. I can’t believe they’d do this to me, … Continue reading