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5, 6, pick up sticks…

  … the bendy ones, a little gnarled, not entirely juiced-out, still with the bark on. In two-feet terms, picking up sticks could be debating fonts like the Packmaster does when she pretends screen-busyness: Bold, Italic, never regular. Or, an exercise in finding a friend – misshapen yet reassuring. I like my sticks thick like lamb shank bones. … Continue reading

potty pad*

*(Reflections from the commode, with due apologies to Virginia Woolf)     Housebreaking a fleet-footed two-month old puppy this week gone by, potty has been uppermost in my mind. (And when I’m unmindful, underfoot.): Which part of the balcony to be earmarked for puppy pooping until his vaccination is complete and he can explore the … Continue reading