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Kindle, Ikea & Companion Planting

That battle came to us. The one no one has the wisdom/ foresight to walk away from, or the grace to lose – actually, will/volition doesn’t even come into it, for it’s such an instinctive territoriality. Space – that limited, borderless, indefinable and essential luxury. But not just any space – it wouldn’t be so … Continue reading

Finding Kerouac on the Grand Trunk Road…

‘Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry…’ among the many things he said, showing us the way(s) to be. And where he’s most alive, our Jack, is the highway Sher Shah Suri laid down in the sixteenth century, 2,500 continuous kilometres connecting Chittagong to Kabul, on which you’ll still find truckers for whom the road is life. We … Continue reading

the bookshop around the corner

“I think I still have it in my heart someday to paint a bookshop with the front yellow and pink in the evening… like a light in the midst of darkness.” He was right in his choice of colours, of course, this painter of subtle shifts of light and colour: gloriously swirly starry nights and … Continue reading


This post is for Calvino’s baron who taught me to love and wonder at the worlds trees contain, and my grandmother who, believe you me, spoke Entish, for vine, flower and leaf came alive to her touch. Enid Blyton, of course, from whom I learnt to listen to tree-whisperings and really ‘see’ their magical turning, … Continue reading